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MusicTechFest – Compositional hierarchical model

Today, Manca, Luka and I presented the Compositional hierarchical model at the Music of Science session at Music Tech Fest in Ljubljana. As a part of his undergraduate degree, Luka built an awesome transcription editor which uses the CHM as classifier. It will probably never reach version 1.0 since the “ideas” stack grows exponentially. However, we are planning on providing a freeware version shortly.

Manca showed how the CHM can be used for music generation – aka. how to build a hammond we can’t afford 🙂

The CHM - my PhD in under 2 minutes

The CHM – my PhD in under 2 minutes

Let's play the CHM like a hammond!

Let’s play the CHM like a hammond!

The CHM transcription editor

The CHM transcription editor

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