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Avtolog.si – a half-year report

It has been about 6 months since Vid and I started the https://avtolog.si website. Many things have happened since the early beginnings.

Although we have not yet focused on the usability aspect yet (in proper web-oriented terms), we have added quite a few nice features to the website. In March, we added additional data about the success rate of individual vehicles passing the MOT checkup. One of the biggest improvement was adding the information (privately/corporate owned vehicle, age and sex of the owner) about the owner of the vehicle.

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Additional age graph was added in April.

After a few additional quick hacks here and there, we linked the stolen vehicles database to our service in May.

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Information about the stolen vehicle is displayed at the top of the page.

Throughout June we have been working on a new subsection of the webpage, which offers a variety of filters and comparisons between the cars (brands/models/individual cars). We have also been working on forming new collaborations and contacts with a variety of different public and privately-owned partners, who share our goal of making the market a more transparent and safer place for the customer.

We’re looking forward to the new challenges and hope you will support us by liking our Facebook page 🙂

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