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Compositional hierarchical model for music information retrieval - PhD Cover

PhD completed – Compositional hierarchical model for music information retrieval

Finally, the 6-years long PhD phase is completed. The doctoral dissertation titled ‘Compositional hierarchical model for music information retireval’ and the PowerPoint presentation are also available online on this link: https://www.researchgate.net/project/Compositional-Hierarchical-Model-an-alternative-white-box-deep-architecture Special thanks goes to my advisors Matija Marolt and Ales Leonardis. There are still several open topics in this research and the project will therefore remain in the list of my research…

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Compositional hierarchical model

[Published paper] A different white-box deep architecture? Is it possible?

I recently published a paper more thoroughly explaining what I have been developing as a part of my PhD research at the Laboratory for Computer Graphics and Multimedia, Faculty of Computer and Information Science. The paper describes an alternative deep architecture. Those of you who are involved in recent machine learning research probably know neural-network-based deep architectures, which recently gained…

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Music Tech Fest

MusicTechFest – Compositional hierarchical model

Today, Manca, Luka and I presented the Compositional hierarchical model at the Music of Science session at Music Tech Fest in Ljubljana. As a part of his undergraduate degree, Luka built an awesome transcription editor which uses the CHM as classifier. It will probably never reach version 1.0 since the “ideas” stack grows exponentially. However, we are planning on providing a freeware…

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