Avtolog.si – for safer and transparent car market

It all started with coffee.

My colleague Vid and I met for coffee and brainstorming on a sunny Sunday afternoon last August. We talked about what kind of project we could start together. Both full of ideas and seeing potential everywhere, we had to narrow it down to 1-2 ideas we were going to work on in the following months.

And thus, Avtolog.si was created.


Avtolog.si is an online service, which exposes the environmental and safety trends of vehicles in Europe by employing open data. The Avtolog.si service is based on the database of registered motor vehicles (Open Data), which is publicly accessible and frequently updated by the government. By visualising the data about the emissions and technical conformity of vehicles, Avtolog.si offers a user-friendly experience in visualizing the current state and trends of the motor vehicles.

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The trends visualizations increase the user’s awareness about the vehicles’ specifications in the aspect of potential purchase and choice of everyday means of transport, both from the environmental point of view (harmful emissions, safety), as well as from the security point of view (purchasing an imported vehicle, observing technical inspection reports) when buying second-hand vehicles. Searching for individual vehicle data via the VIN number helps to increase user awareness and reduces the risk of fraud in purchasing vehicles.

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In its current state, the Avtolog.si service offers the data from the Slovenian database of registered vehicles. A significant amount of vehicles is bought in other markets, including Germany, Italy and Belgium. Due to the EU’s Open data policy, the project is planned to be further expanded by including the datasets of other EU countries, which will help minimizing the frauds for imported vehicles and will further extend the environment and safety awareness throughout the EU.

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